desert rose cluster
desert rose cluster
desert rose cluster

desert rose cluster

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Desert Rose is a naturally occurring Selenite gypsum.
Also known as Gypsum Rose, Selenite Rose, Rose Rock, Gypsum Rosette, and Sand Rose.

Created by Earth elements of water, wind and sand. Desert Rose occurs in salt water basins and arid climates where water evaporates over thousands of years, leaving behind these beautiful healing and protective Selenite formations.

Cleansing and purifying, Desert Rose invites Mother Earth to heal spaces and people who are troubled with deep negative energy cycles and blockages. Releasing the mind and spirit from old, outdated conditioning, Desert Rose gently guides a new and honest awakening whilst protecting your vulnerability .  

Carrying a channel of white healing light, Desert Rose vibrates a gentle calming and rejuvenating energy which brings mental and spiritual clarity. 

Origin : Mexico
min. weight : 35grams

This sale includes one Desert Rose cluster. Due to the organic nature of this stone, the size, colour and/or shape may differ slightly to that pictured.

Your Desert Rose cluster will be hand selected upon receiving your order and carefully packaged in an Oshka Black crystal pouch including a properties card for your stone. 

Please note that it is the nature of Desert Rose to leave a slight dusty sediment when handling and is best displayed where it will be undisturbed. Not suitable for children under 8.